What is this project about?  

We are a team that is currently in the process of trying to help DIX investors. We are working on resolutions to provide a future outlook and details will be released shortly. As we move along we will update accordingly. When the time is right we will actively need community involvement to share our movement.

Where is the team?

The team is working behind the scenes to try and help current DIX investors. Team members in various crypto currency projects prefer to work in anonymity. We are no different.

Why does the website look so plain?

The job of the website is to be a tool for communication. We did not care as much about the fanciness at the time of release, as we did about getting communication out to the investors. Much of the content is still under development as well. The website was put together to allow us to deliver information quickly and it will be redeveloped with this current project.

Where is the best place to buy DIX?

https://stocks.exchange (NXT/DIX)

Is there a wallet available to store my DIX?

No, and yes. We have not developed a wallet, but you can either download the NXT asset exchange and store them there (please see #wallet), or you will need to keep your DIX in https://stocks.exchange.

Why is there another Dix Asset offering an ICO?

Another group created an ICO and named it Dix Technologies. It appeared that the intent was to offer their new token to current DIX investors, who were hopeless with their DIX, for purchase. They launched an ICO sale and used the Dix Asset name.

Their ICO is not affiliated with Dix Asset in anyways, and it does not offer any resolution to the dilemma of the Dix Asset investor.

Who is the original DIX developer/creator?

We were unsuccessful with trying to contact the original DIX creator. No information is known about the original creator, the actual intentions and/or path of Dix Asset.

Is there access to the original DIX private keys?

We do not have the private keys and do not have access to the original creator account. Due to this, we are unable to do anything with the current DIX platform. Our team has stepped up to give the DIX investors a new opportunity for their DIX holdings, so please be patient as more information is released in the weeks to come.

Our focus has been on the current investors, and although it is hard for the interested or newer investors to grasp the lack of information, current investors have already been holding for some time and a majority of them do not mind holding just a little longer, while we work to do what we can for them without hyping the coin for a short term gain.

Why does the price keep fluctuating?

The volume is currently low. One person can actually come in and manipulate the pricing of DIX by closing an order high or low. As interest grows, there will be stability in the pricing as activity increases.
Why are there not more updates?  

This project was started for the current investors. It is a long HODL currency, not a quick in and out money making one. With that in mind, we are cautious in our approach. We will not be moved by the idea that we need to bring more investors in and raise the price. That will happen naturally on it’s own when the time is right and with community backing. In the mean time we are staying patient as we move along in the process.

Everyone that has been invested in DIX for a while, we are doing what we can for you. You have already been patiently waiting. Waiting a little longer shouldn’t be that upsetting given that movement has been happening with Dix Asset. More information will be released slowly over the next few weeks to share details to allow you the opportunity to decide if you would like to invest or not.

Will there be a DIX coin swap?

Yes, officially we are announcing that our plans are to allow DIX investors to swap out their token for a new coin that we will be offering.

Why do we need to do a coin swap?

We do not have access to the original creators keys and cannot do anything with the current DIX platform. A swap is the only option to offer something to the DIX investors.

Will we lose our coins?

We will need to swap at a ratio higher than 1:1. Although you may lose some in the overall total, our goal is to keep the coin value the same, if not higher, on each new coin when compared to the current DIX token. Our reason is to reduce the current 100 billion total supply.

Why would we need to reduce the total supply?

The new coin will offer block rewards. This will increase overall total supply over time, and we would we like to keep our total supply under 100 billion. Reducing supply will allow us to offer investors rewards on their investment, while having room to grow.

What is the swap ratio?

It is still to be decided, but we are considering a swap ratio of 1.5:1 (minimum) or 2:1, cutting supply 25-50%. We would like to first get an idea of how the community reaction is to such news and listen to the feedback. It could be possible to increase the ratio higher, although we don’t see it being necessary to do a big reduction.  

In the end, we will do what is necessary for the success of the new coin.

What will happen to the DIX tokens?

Tokens that are sent in to swap will be burned out of existence. Those that are not sent in to be swapped will be left as a Dix Asset token to live out whatever life it lives out like it was before we offered this opportunity.

Keep in mind that the token will continue to be left with no chance of anyone being able to do anything for it, so we wish those who elect to not swap the best of luck in their decision.

How long will the swap window be?


Is there a White Paper?

The White Paper is currently under development.

Will there be a Road Map?

No, we will follow Bitcoin Core’s concept of the Road Map. They don’t have one. We are on the road and it’s wide open!

Where is the source code?  

The source code will be released to GitHub when it is finalized.

Why are we not trying to pump the price of DIX?

This is not a pump project. Acting quickly and spreading hype will just lead to FUD from those looking for an overnight “moon” or “lambo”. This is a project that is going to take time, and will not be quick. Those looking to make quick profit need to look at another investment option.

When will we get new exchanges to list DIX on?

We will not list on any new exchanges until after the new coin is ready. After contacting many exchanges, they will not list the DIX token because of the difficulty working with NXT and tokens.

Is there any guarantee on the growth of DIX price?

We’re sorry, but although we would hope that with our resolution to help current DIX investors will see a positive outlook for the future as we roll out the new coin, there is never a guarantee on anything when it comes to crypto. We warn you too always be cautious and invest at your own risk.

Only invest what you can afford to lose.

How can you help?

You can help by directing those interested in DIX to the correct channels of communication via the website links (http://www.dixassetcoin.info/links) and FAQs.

If you feel you can contribute more, please contact Kratos via the Discord/Telegram or send an email to the team at dixcoin@gmail.com.