How to transfer DIX to NXT Wallet

How to transfer DIX to NXT Wallet 

A swap date will be announced at a later date, but for now, this first step is crucial in being able to take part in the DIX swap to come. You will not be able to do so, unless you have completed this step. Once you have done this, you will now viewable on the NXT explorer with your NXT address, and any issues that may arise during the swap process can be better verified and accounted for. This will be helpful to both you and the project team.

Currently, we will be giving until June 30, 2018 to get this completed.

Here are the steps you must take to swap from the to your own NXT wallet.

  • Download the most recent (1.11.14) NXT desktop wallet (or Android) for your operating system here:
  • Once downloaded and synced, enter into your wallet. 
  • Enter the asset ID: 3300333279580786000
  • You will see and be able to view DIX asset. If you look in the upper right corner, you will see “Add Asset”. Select it. You will now have DIX viewable on your wallet. 
  • Go to and log in. 
  • Go to your “Token” wallet and select “withdraw” from your DIX account. 
  • Enter your NXT issued desktop address (located in the upper left corner, and is the address used to access your account). It will look similar to NXT-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
  • Be prepared to pay an exchange transaction fee.
  • Send
  • You will be asked to approve your withdraw by email. Be sure to approve it or it will not begin the withdraw. 
  • Once you have approved it, you withdraw will be initiated and take anywhere from 45m-90m to complete. Once completed, you will see it posted in your NXT wallet, under “Assets”. 

Additional resources:

How to swap token from exchange to NXT wallet:

NXT provided guide:

Thank you, 


If you are having connection issues, please ensure your download was the most recent version available (1.11.14). If still not resolved, visit our #nxt-wallet-help channel.


DIX – Swap Update 06.02.18

Hello DIX community, 

We have been working hard for you in the preparation for our swap. In order to ensure that we have a fluid one, we will be requiring that all DIX investors please be sure and move your DIX tokens from to the “Assets” in your NXT Desktop wallet. 

I repeat. Dix investors must move their DIX tokens to the “Assets” in their NXT Desktop wallet. 

We will try and do a “how to” shortly, but in the meant time, you can visit the NXT site and read about deposit and withdrawing here:

Unfortunately, after reviewing the distribution of all DIX tokens, 68% of the supply is listed under one wallet. This wallet belongs to and we cannot see the distribution of the DIX tokens within it, because of this, we have chosen to go in this direction.

We were able to talk with and verify the amount of DIX that they have in the exchange, and it is accurate. They also did share a small break down of the top 10 wallets and how many total wallets they roughly had. The distribution was much better than we had originally thought. They unfortunately could not disclose any more details.

In order to ensure swap accuracy for both the investors and the team, and also in an effort to not bog down with withdrawals, we are informing all DIX investors that this is a mandatory step in order to swap over to the new coin and blockchain. 

A snap shot will be taken prior to the swap. This will allow us to verify all the information to ensure investors receive their new coins. If you are not in the snapshot, you may miss your window to swap. We urge that you act now and begin processing your DIX in case of any unforeseen issues along the road.

We would also like to announce that a swap ratio has also been decided. 

We will be doing a 35 day swap window. Rather than doing a 1.5:1 swap, we have decided that we will offer: 

Days 1 to 5 – 1:1 swap

Day 6 to 35 – 2:1 swap 

Day 36 – DIX token will no longer be eligible to be swapped over. 

We believe this serves both the investor that wanted to hang onto their coin count, but also serves those who did want to see a reduction in supply. Early birds will benefit and we hope that those early birds will be our current investors who have been supporting our efforts and holding.

We again want to thank the community for being so patient. We have been working hard to plan great things for this community and have been working diligently towards the execution of this.  Going forward, it’s our hope to be able to release up coming information on a much quicker basis.

Thank you again, 


Dix Asset Team

DIX – Update 04.25.18

While we still continue our efforts behind the scenes, we’d like to thank the DIX community for their patience. We know it’s not easy to sit patiently waiting for updates.

We have been waiting patiently ourselves for updates from an ICO that had utilized the DIX Asset name in the beginning of their ICO campaign. Due to their decision, we have had continued confusion because of that decision and have felt it best to wait on sharing information about our current processes until after we have gotten confirmation of their name change.

Sources have told us that they are close. While we continue to wait, we are continuing our efforts behind the scenes. Thanks again for being such a great community!

DIX – Update 03.19.18

Our first goal with DIX was to begin by working on correcting the information and communication.

We wanted to address:

  • Official DIX: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Telegram
  • Coin Market Cap
  • New ICO Dix Technologies

Official Dix: We have put together our official resources to communicate with the community, and allow the community to communicate with us. The website/blog may not be fancy to many, but it fulfills it’s purpose of communicating with the community. We made sure to also include Discord, Telegram, Twitter and FB as official means of communicating, and if you haven’t already, please be sure to join the Discord. The Discord  will ultimately be the platform that we will all communicate in the most.

Official DIX Discord

CMC: We have updated the information on Coin Market Cap. We now have an updated and working website link, and links to all our channels of communication to Official DIX resources.

Dix Tech: We have made sure to make announcements to inform the community that we are not in any way related to or/are Dix Technologies. Dix Technologies is an independent ICO. We have been told that Dix Technologies will be changing their name, and will wait to see if they will follow thru.

As we continue to move along, we will provide updates when necessary. DIX will be a process that will take time, so while there may not be an immediate delivery of news be aware that work is being done behind the scenes. In the mean time, continue be patient, stay positive and HODL on to your DIX.