Final Snapshot Has Been Taken

Final Snapshot Taken at 1700 (5:00pm) UTC

The final Dix Asset token snapshot was taken today at 1700 (5:00pm) UTC. Investors were required to move their balances from to an individual NXT wallet if they had wished to be eligible to take part in the Dix Asset to Ondori coin swap that will be taking place shortly.

This snapshot represents all remaining investors who want to be eligible for a 2:1 swap of Dix to Ondori, and secures them a spot to swap if they choose. Those already on the NXT exchange in wallets were prepared for the moment and have been registered as well. No further DIX trading will be credited towards the coin swap.

Further buys after 1700 UTC will not be credited. This means that no more DIX purchases on SE or on NXT exchange will count towards a credit of the new coin. If you buy anymore going forward, you will be left holding your DIX … literally.

Those wishing to take part in Ondori that have arrived late will need to wait until we have swapped to the new coin and are live on an exchange for purchase. We are very close to being able to announce a date to start the swap window, and hope to make an announcement within the next few days.

We want to thank the entire community that have supported us along this road to Ondori. This has not been an easy task, and you’re support has been very much appreciated. You have proven that while we may be a small community (for now), we are strong and big with heart.


Thank you,



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