Second Snapshot to Take Place

Snap Shot #2 to take place on 8/29/18 @ 1700 (05:00PM) UTC

Recently we have had some communication issues with We were contacted by them and told that we had users that did not want DIX delisted from their exchange, and that these users claimed we were not real devs. It didn’t feel too good being accused of making this request, nor did it feel good to be insulted after all we’ve been working hard to do.

We never made a request to delist DIX early, but were actually told by the exchange that we needed to delist because deposits couldn’t sit disabled for so long. We simply told them to go ahead if that was the case. Our only request about delisting had only been early on in our talked, about seeing DIX be delisted AFTER the swap.

Although we continued to explain that it was not our idea, and showed our conversation history, we were told by the exchange that they could do what they wanted and that it was their decision. SE stated that they had enough users voice their concerns about keeping DIX listed. We stated it was fine, it was up to them like they stated, and that our only concern was for the financial safety of others being that DIX had already been used to scam people on 2 (almost 3) occasions prior to our arrival. If left listed, it could be used for that again. It was the reason we asked about delisting after the swap.

We told the exchange that we would make an announcement that they have elected to continue the listing even after the knowledge of the current position of DIX being a dead token and no use case/future of the Dix Asset token. So we are announcing this, and we want everyone to know that we take no responsibility for this decision.

Also …

Early on, we did tell the exchange that we were not going to have an auto swap within the exchange. Our reasons were simple:

  • We cannot account for individual balances on the exchange. We don’t know how big the wallets could be. A very good example was the 5b + wallet that showed up from the to the NXT wallet, prior to the first snapshot. The exchange itself received a fee of DIX with each transaction, and for all we know can have over 10b tokens.
  • We do not know how many accounts on the exchange are inactive. The exchange has a single address for all their users blanketing each individual account. Why would we want to send new supply out to inactive wallets, or to those who weren’t planning on swapping just to have them dump?

Although we did not feel that we had to explain ourselves, we did state that we were not interested. And although we had made that clear, recently there has been some pressure on wanting to discuss auto swapping again.

These two issues above have made it enough for the project team to be uncomfortable with continuing our purchase activity with SE. We thought it would be ok to allow users to continue to buy up what supply they could, but for the safety of our project we will be closing the activity period to obtain any more DIX for our project. Everyone has had more than enough time for this anyways, to stock up on what they wanted to. New interests can buy after our swap to the new coin.

All users have until 1700 (05:00PM) UTC on 8/29/18 to get all their remaining 2:1 tokens to their 2:1 NXT wallets in preparation for the swap to the new coin and blockchain. A snapshot will take place at that time.

If you wish not to take part in the swap then you don’t need to do anything. Those who try and move tokens into the NXT wallet after this snapshot will not be given the new coin. So we urge everyone to please, do not buy anymore DIX tokens unless you want to be left with them to do as you will.

The swap is right around the corner everybody. We have all been patiently waiting for the moment and it’s just about here. We hope to have an announcement for you guys at any time, that will details and insight on the swap timeline ahead. In the mean time, please get ready.


Thank you!



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