⚠️ Warning: SCAM Alert ⚠️


⚠️ SCAM Alert ⚠️

It appears that there’s always someone trying to take advantage of our situation. As a community, we have been thru a lot. We have had our share of scammers who have taken advantage of investors, and an ICO utilizing our name for their benefit while doing nothing for investors. We had hoped that was behind us.

As of today, we have been a live project for some time now. The project team jumped in to help DIX investors when nobody cared to. We’ve done everything during this process to ensure a proper and safe transition to bring a blockchain with value to the community while avoiding malicious acts.

Unfortunately, we now have another who is trying to SCAM investors by utilizing the Dix Asset name once again. It’s apparent that this individual was attracted by our recent activity.

Upon immediately arriving in our Discord, this individual was rude, disruptive and elected to spam all of our channels. At the request of moderators and members of the community, he was banned.

Prior to being banned, this individual made threats that if banned, he would create another DIX project. As a result, he is now following thru and trying to create another DIX project, having started with Twitter under the handles @DixAssetTeam and @orbitcoin.

We urge everyone to report these accounts and to stay away. Please also share this information with the rest of the community to continue awareness.

Everyone, we are not to far from executing our swap. It is literally around the corner. Those who do not swap, will be left with this worthless DIX token. It’s our job to not let anyone get mislead into following someone with such a vendetta, who is here just to disrupt this project because we wouldn’t bend a knee.

Please pass along this information so that nobody gets tricked into this and loses their money by buying into his SCAM. We will not let this disrupt what you all have been waiting so patiently for.


Thank you!



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