Snapshot Taken

Hello Dix Community, 

The Snapshot has been taken at 02:49:00 UTC on 06/30/18, we repeat, the snapshot has been taken!

What does this mean? 

It means that if you’re reading this and your transaction is not confirmed or balance was posted after the time above, we’re sorry.  This also means that we have closed the first portion of our swap process. Thank you all for following directions and moving your tokens to your NXT wallets. 

What this means now is that all those who successfully were able to migrate their DIX token balances into the NXT wallets, will be eligible for the 1:1 swap period in our swap guidelines. We ask that you do not touch your balances, and work with us to remain patient as we finish development of our blockchain and begin the actual swap process soon. 

As we stated at the start of this project we will not be rushed, and if you’re here, you are here on a longer term. With that said, trust that we are moving along to ensure we can get us to that next level as soon as possible. We will be releasing the new coin details this week. So please keep an eye out for that.


I would like to point out that we knew it was a strong possibility that there would be some wallets that would come in for a snapshot that would be too big for us to be willing to swap completely. I will need these following wallets to contact me:

5,639,014,961 (11% of new possible supply*)

3,451,421,874 (7% of new possible supply*)

2,900,000,000 (6% of new possible supply*)

We will not be able to facilitate your full amount. At most, we were willing to swap no more than 2,250,000,000. Due to our supply size reducing, you would own too much of a percentage (*) of the supply independently, which puts the blockchain and our community at risk.

This was not disclosed prior due to the fact that prior knowledge could have resulted in just sending the big balance to multiple wallets. Now that we have a snapshot, this will not be the case. I hope the community understands and will backs us 100%. Again, this will ultimately affect the safety of our investors, and we will not put them at risk. 

Due to these issues, we will allow continued purchasing of DIX tokens at a 2:1 ratio going forward. We are mandating that those who have already posted their wallets to the snap shot, obtain a different wallet with a different address if you wish to buy more DIX tokens. These will all be swapped 2:1. We are mandating this extra wallet so you do not jeopardize your snapshot balance. Please share this with others so they know to not add to their snap shot amounts.

Lastly, it appears that has closed DIX deposits. Transactions can still be done, but on a limited supply. Withdraws can still be done. Transactions can also still be done on the NXT exchange.

I’d like to thank you all again for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact us on Discord or Telegram. We will continue to keep everyone updated. 

Thank you, 



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