DIX Swap Update – 06.28.18

Hello DIX community,

June 30th is fast approaching and the time is closing in on the grace period that was given to everybody to get your DIX tokens from the exchange to your own personal NXT wallets. Those arriving late will need to act fast.

We have heard that there are some that may be looking to manipulate our market orders to take advantage of users during the closing of this grace period, and because of this an exact date or time will not be given for when this snapshot is to take place. I caution everybody to make smart decisions and don’t let the FOMO keep you from being logical about spending your money. There are always malice groups looking for potential opportunities, and unfortunately, our current position makes us very vulnerable to this.

Once this grace period has expired, it will be at your own risk. If you elect to try and see how long you can stay in the exchange then please be prepared to accept that risk of not being included in this snapshot, or being taken advantage of in the exchange.

I strongly suggest not trying to buy up to the last minute, and suggest that all users take a break from buying DIX tokens thru stocks.exchange to focus on migrating to your wallets and staying out of the cross hairs.

A few things to consider that may happen:

  • Price increase and decrease due to FOMO, FUD and malice groups
  • Limited amount of orders being filled due to lack of quantity
  • Investors not wishing to be in – taking the low buy orders
  • Investors wanting in  – taking the high sell orders
  • Increased FUD activity

I’m just keeping it real with you guys, so please keep these things in mind when seeing market reaction as this grace period closes.

Also, you DO NOT need NXT for the snapshot that will occur, but YOU WILL need 1 NTX to make the swap transaction when it is time. If you do not have any NXT, then you will need to acquire some by transferring some in, or possibly cashing in a small amount of DIX for it. It would be smart to have a more than 1 NXT handy, in case of any unforeseen issues.

We have had an exciting month with a lot of growth and activity. In this time we have continued to grow even with our dedication to working quietly with no marketing. It appears our buzzing is just getting louder.

For those who have already made this migration, thank you. We appreciate your continued support and ask that you please stay seated, patient, and await further swap announcements.


Thank you,



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