DIX – Update 03.19.18

Our first goal with DIX was to begin by working on correcting the information and communication.

We wanted to address:

  • Official DIX: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Telegram
  • Coin Market Cap
  • New ICO Dix Technologies

Official Dix: We have put together our official resources to communicate with the community, and allow the community to communicate with us. The website/blog may not be fancy to many, but it fulfills it’s purpose of communicating with the community. We made sure to also include Discord, Telegram, Twitter and FB as official means of communicating, and if you haven’t already, please be sure to join the Discord. The Discord  will ultimately be the platform that we will all communicate in the most.

Official DIX Discord

CMC: We have updated the information on Coin Market Cap. We now have an updated and working website link, and links to all our channels of communication to Official DIX resources.

Dix Tech: We have made sure to make announcements to inform the community that we are not in any way related to or/are Dix Technologies. Dix Technologies is an independent ICO. We have been told that Dix Technologies will be changing their name, and will wait to see if they will follow thru.

As we continue to move along, we will provide updates when necessary. DIX will be a process that will take time, so while there may not be an immediate delivery of news be aware that work is being done behind the scenes. In the mean time, continue be patient, stay positive and HODL on to your DIX.




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